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In order for you to properly run your organization, you must have the proper tools and resources in place to handle the financial components. As your nonprofit grows, you’ll find that accounting, tax, and compliance implications become more complex. It’s also easier for you to mismanage spending, leading to long-term cash flow issues that hinder you from furthering your work. 

When you choose to partner with us, you can finally take these worries off your plate!


We offer a wide range of accounting services to keep your books up-to-date and compliant. These services include: bookkeeping, AR/AP, financial reporting, budgeting, and more! All services are tailored to meet your organization’s needs. 


Whether you’re starting a nonprofit or have been operating for years and searching for a better way to operate – we are here to assist! Every nonprofit is unique, and with our diverse background we can provide you with the best solutions!

Tax prep

We handle tax prep for all 501(c)(3)s. If you’re a smaller organization that handles its own books, we can support you in preparing your Form 990 to ensure you are federally and state-compliant.

audit prep

While we do not perform audits, we assist with the necessary prep work. This includes accounting, tax prep, financial policies & procedures, and other compliance responsibilities.

We pride ourselves in providing forward-thinking services. you’re already overworked, let us save you time and streamline your financial processes.


We know how easy it is to get behind on your own to-dos when you’re laser-focused on clients!

Let us check-off bookkeeping and tax for you! As a consultant serving nonprofits and other organizations that empower the community, things get busy and fast! Our firm understands how to support them, but we also like to ensure the companies that work with nonprofits have their finances in order.

There comes a time when you can’t or don’t want to manage your finances, and we’re here to help. We offer bookkeeping and tax services to help you stay current and in the know about what’s happening in your business financially!